Alex Mackey

  • Emotion Code Practitioner
  • Havening Practitioner
  • Spiritual & Energy Healing

Hi I’m Alex, I’m an intuitive empath & healing therapist.

Since I was a young child I’ve always felt that there’s something bigger out there than our conscious awareness which has inspired me to continually explore & invest in my own personal development over the years.  Thus eventually finding my calling as a healing therapist…

I believe in a holistic approach to healing and all areas of life where mind, body & spirit are all interconnected. I am passionate about helping people achieve their purpose in this lifetime by providing a safe & light filled platform for their healing & happiness.

We live in a world where we put up with or accept physical aches or pains and emotional or psychological distress.  No matter where we are with our awareness, emotionally charged events from our past may still be haunting us in the form of “trapped emotions”.

As these are stored on a subconscious level, some of these may be inherited emotions which we are often unaware of and how they are affecting us.

If these emotions or energies continue to fester, they may cause discomfort, imbalance & potential malfunction in your body in the form of disease.

The Emotion Code Technique is a powerful & effective method of identifying and releasing trapped negative emotions that have been stored in the body through our subconscious minds thus ridding the body of unseen emotional baggage.

Havening is a psychosensory therapy that is designed to alter the brain in order to de-traumatise a negative or distressing memory and remove its negative effects from both our body and psyche. 

Primarily at the core of this science is the ability to erase or remove the emotional component of a traumatically encoded event or stressor. 

Havening can change how the brain perceives trauma. We are basically altering the neurochemical pathway of the brain to bring about healing.