Daniela Palazzi


  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Global Postural Re-education Therapist


Daniela is an Italian physiotherapist, moved to Ireland several years ago.

She has always been passionate about the health and care of people, focusing to listen their needs and help them to solve their problems.

She holds two bachelor’s Degree (Physiotherapy and Sports Science in Italy), she’s specialized in Global Postural Re-education (2012) and she has more than 5 years of experience in Orthopaedic and Neurological Rehabilitation.

She has always been interested in Massage Therapy and how to help effectively through the hands to reduce pain and stress and how body and mind are so closely linked.

For this reason, she has specialized also in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Cork2018) in the International Dr Vodder School and this method is an advanced discipline in the field of medical massage, widely used to boost the immune system and support in different pathologies.


She is empathetic and diligent, and she likes to continue he training and keep always up to date with her techniques. She has a wide experience as an Instructor of Gentle Gymnastic and Postural Gymnastic with older adults for more than 10 years.

She is a member of IMTA (Irish Massage Therapist Association) and so the cost of some treatments can be claimed back from Irish Life Health.

About Manual Lymphatic Drainage (following Dr Vodder Method)

It is a gentle, relaxing and rhythmic massage that helps to reduce water retention filter excess fluid from the lymph nodes.

Why is it so important? 

The lymphatic system plays a vital role in the body by regulating the immune system. Stress and deficient immune systems can make people susceptible to disease and infections.

The major benefits are swelling reabsorption, increased immune system, tissue regeneration with increment elasticity of the skin.

What could be useful for?

Reducing swelling for oedema (water retention, sport injuries, post-surgery), helping to boost the immune system, sinusitis, cellulite, Fibromyalgia (reduce the pain), diabetes, arthritic swelling and helping scar healing.



- Facial treatment (Chronic sinusitis, puffy eyes and face, nasal congestion, post plastic surgery, bruising...)

- Legs treatment (Maternity swelling, Cellulite, swollen knees and ankles, post-surgery swelling such as fractures, hip and knee replacement…)

- Back/Nape/Neck treatment (post-surgery, headache...)

- General treatment (tiredness, fatigue, stress…)

- Boost your immune system! If you’re not feel well or so tired that everything looks so challenging, call and try one session, you will come out regenerated.

About Global Postural Re-education

The GPR involves a series of active gentle movements and postures aimed at realigning joints, stretching shortened muscles and enhancing the contraction of antagonist muscles, thus avoiding postural asymmetry. These therapeutic postures imply an active involvement of the patient. The GPR method includes eight therapeutic postures, lying, sitting or standing, to be held for 15/20 minutes each. Postures can be variously combined during sessions. Postures are chosen based on some parameters, such as amount of pain, load capacity and age of the patient, and muscle chains to be stretched. These postures are applied slowly, delicately and progressively while always insisting on exhaling. It helps to regain strength, length and flexibility to the muscles responsible for the problem. GPR prevents long term articular deterioration by helping to heal and eliminating pain and its symptoms in its entirety.