Leesa Page

  • Life Coach


Coaching helps people improve their lives, by deep questioning, building awareness, shifting perspectives and reflecting on choices.

It’s about understanding where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there by putting actionable steps in place.

Do you feel like there’s more to life but unsure what that ‘more’ is or how to get there?

Are you going through a life change and unsure of the right direction to take, feeling confused and wanting to clarify things?

Coaching can help with this!

What can you expect?

As a coach, I will help you by:

Asking questions: You are the expert in your life and you will have the best solution for you. The questions help you reflect on what you want to move forward.

Working towards your goals: In each session, you’ll set a goal which we’ll explore in detail so by the end of the session you have practical, actionable steps.

A Safe, Non Judgemental Space : The “me time” element of coaching is one of its greatest benefits. A non judgemental and empathetic ear about the areas of your interest, are hard to find in life.

Wanting and needing change can often feel scary at first but coaching is a guided and gentle way to move through this and develop a more powerful and positive mindset and way of life. Every person’s reason for wanting change is different so everyone’s coaching session is different. The outcome will depend on what you bring to the table!

Where and How I work

I work with my clients in the private rooms in the Lakeshore Wellness Centre, Avon, Blessington or alternatively online via Zoom or Google Meet.

I have an Advanced diploma in Personal Leadership and Executive Coaching and I draw from many different frameworks such as Positive Psychology and Solution Focused Coaching which are person centred and focus on building positive results.

People usually book for 4-6 sessions, of 60 minutes, which can happen every 2 to 4 weeks. The sessions will focus on the areas of your life that you want to address using a holistic approach, such as building resilience, career change, lifestyle changes or support to make an important decision and goal setting, etc.

The ultimate goal will be to identify what brings joy to your life and what leaves you feeling fulfilled.

€50 per session or a bundle of 4 sessions for €169

Map Your Life Programme

The Map Your Life program is designed to help you build a better quality of life over 5 sessions looking at building awareness of yourself, deep diving into who you are now and who and how you want to be, looking at your big dream and mapping the road out by setting actionable goals for the future.


Programme cost €199 for 5 x 1 hour sessions.


Free 30 min discovery session

This session is aimed to help you look at areas that you might want to work on and see how coaching could help with it. This session has little “coaching” time, and doesn’t usually allow us to explore a goal in depth. But if we can, we will.

Contact me by text or email to arrange an appointment on 087-1340665 or at leesapagecoaching@gmail.com