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Intuitive Sound Healing with Yvonne Skelly

Nir Levi Method One to One Session

Yvonne Skelly

  • Director & Owner - Naas Holistic Centre, Lake Shore Wellness Centre & The Salt Cave, Naas
  • Intuitive Energy & Sound Healing In Person & Online
  • Facilitator of Ceremony (Drumming, Sound Bath, Meditations)
  • Teacher of Rahanni & Sound Healing

Yvonne, a native of Dublin, Ireland, has dedicated her life to learning, experiencing and fine tuning many different energy healing modalities, both for her own transformation and the benefit of those she meets. She now blends sacred sound with intuitive healing energies within her healing work.

Yvonne can be described as A Visionary Leader, Dreamer, Truth Seeker, Spiritual Counsellor, Writer, Joyful Healing Explorer.

Yvonne helps people to overcome life challenges by removing the barriers within to access your own inner strength and guidance to create a more empowered, joyful life.  She is also the visionary owner of Empower Health, a company that owns and run Naas Holistic Centre, Lake Shore Wellness Centre & The Salt Cave Naas, with a philosophy of Co-Creation, Collaboration & Community, bringing together over many holistic therapists, in addition to internationally acclaimed therapists and way showers offering their unique therapies and workshops, both in person and online.

Yvonne has many year’s experience in facilitating workshops, meditations, women's healing circles and holistic healing courses in Ireland, UK & Europe.

Yvonne's Session:

During your session, Yvonne begins with some chats about what your main objectives and intentions are, and then she tunes into the energies that are ready to shift or transmute.  Yvonne often uses spoken word to gently guide you into a deep meditative state as the healing energies flow.  Yvonne channels intuitive energy healing combined with crystals, sound and light language.  At the end of the session, Yvonne allows time to share and reflect on your experience and/or any insights that may have come through to assist you on your healing journey.