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Duration: 1h

Price : €80.00

Nir Levi Method One to One Session

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Whats involved:

The treatment aims to give an answer to the Emotional and the Physical difficulties and needs of the receiver.

By recognising his/her immediate need and connecting it to the visible and hidden conflicts of life.  We will emphasis the actual life objective verse the head imaginary ideas that many of us are getting confused by, this confusion does not allow us to make the healthy pragmatic decisions for ourselves . We will practice how to reduce this confusion and give ourselves a chance to emphasis on the importance of life. Our goal is to ignite a productive healing process that will allow the receiver to move internally and externally, by recognising his/her needs of life in the 21st century. As part of the session Nir will use the Body Reading system to evaluate the receiver emotional and physical situation.

Nir aims to help you to improve your life by treating your needs .

This work is designed for adults and kids from 15 years old upwards.

About Nir:

A therapist and an instructor of Anma- Ampuku and body reading, with 28 years of experience, specialized in both physical and emotional systems of healing arts, with an extended experience in both aspects.  Nir explains….

“In the last 28 years I dedicated myself to the study of human behavior; I worked in many different establishments and had the chance to observe people in different and sometimes extreme situations in life. I did a lot of my studding process observing people in mental institutions, that allowed me to see the different elements systems in extreme circumstances. I trained hundreds of students around the world trying to pass them this knowledge.

In my work, I treat people through body, mind and energy work. I use many methods of work and the main one is Anma–Ampuku, Body reading and verbal communication. The understanding of human behavior and human evolution helps me create a relatively complete and pragmatic treatment that allows my clients to feel healthy and happy and benefit the maximum from it while adjusting to the life in the 21ST century.

I am happy that I have the opportunity to give treatments and classes in different countries around the world, and experience different cultures.”

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