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Duration: 1h

Price : €120.00

One to One Yoga Coaching

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Offering – Online (can also be in person): 

Yoga Coaching with Petra Gordon –  individually tailored private yoga practice & coaching session (1 hour).

Health is wealth, yoga as therapy addressing body, mind and spirit for a consistent practice with focus on establishing well being.

This program is good for: 

  • bringing the gifts of yoga into your daily life
  • more life energy
  • balanced and strong nervous system
  • stress reduction
  • trauma recovery
  • improved immunity
  • greater focus / brain function
  • mental and emotional wellbeing
  • addressing different life stages
  • recovering from injuries
  • working with physical mobility and strength
  • finding  ease with chronic illness

Petra Gordon is from Heidelberg in Germany and lives in the Santa Monica Mountains in California. She is a Yogi, a Mother, a Free Spirit, an Adventurer. She has practiced and experienced many aspects of yoga and meditation in retreats in India and in daily life for over two decades. She leads her life in the yogic tradition and teaches from her true natural self. She has been blessed by her Guru to share the ancient wisdom and continues to study in India and the West.

What people say:

Petra has been an incredible teacher and has taught me so much about Ashtanga yoga. Not only has she done a wonderful job at teaching me the primary series, but also has been so motivating and inspirational to me in developing a home yoga practice, as well as integrating yoga into everyday life. Her customized program is so helpful in achieving specific goals. She is observant and helpful during private and group classes, and does a great job of explaining asana, modifications, and adjustments – which I’m sure can be difficult over Zoom!