• Join us for our fortnightly Gong Bath experience, the next date is Thursday 9th June.   Hosted in the Studio of The Avon for Lake Shore Wellness Centre 7.00pm. Allow yourself experience deep relaxation & healing immersed in sound & gong tones. Facilitated by Yvonne & Darren.
  • Yvonne blends intuitive energy healing, channelling, sound and light language to create a healing space for those who seek her services.  Available in person in the Centre, and also online. Yvonne works successfully online with individuals in the US, Canada and Europe for their healing journey.
    We are entering a time when we need to fully embody our divine expression, we are here to birth in a new earth, and we do this by becoming a living expression of this through our life, our frequency and heart coherence. What are you waiting for?
    If you feel that you are stagnated, or in need of realigning with your soul gifts or purpose, Yvonne would be honoured to work with you, this is an area that her work has evolved into naturally over the past few months.
  • Join Yvonne & Darren for a our fortnightly shamanic drumming circle for Lake Shore Wellness Centre’s  Winter Thursday night series from 7pm-8.30pm.  Next date is Thursday 19th May.  No experience necessary. Drums provided, or bring your own.  Hosted in the Studio of The Avon.

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