Bereavement Coaching

Are you struggling to cope with the ending of your relationship or the death of a loved one?

There are no rules to grieving. Dealing with a relationship ending and death – whether sudden, through disease or the natural progression of life – is a reality most of us feel unprepared to cope with. Whether or not we admit it, we need help to get through it.

When you’re mourning loss, have been diagnosed with terminal illness, or are a partner/relative attempting to come to terms with this, you go through a deeply personal range of conflicting emotions. My bereavement coaching deals directly with your individual needs, whatever they are.

How does bereavement coaching work?

Bereavement coaching means working together to continue the process of healing and growth. Whether you have spent some time in therapy or not, then coaching can be complementary to the support you’ve already received. This type of coaching is described as helping you with life beyond loss.

I generally support clients through this period, helping you deal with grief, and afterwards as you create a new life.

Working 1-to-1 I use my own experiences to help you work through painful feelings of loss, abandonment and sadness. The initial emotional support and understanding of relatives and friends may soon be exhausted, but I can be with you for as long as you need me.

Helping you look to the future

Coaching empowers you to look to the future rather than just focusing on the past. It allows you to focus on the process of dealing with death and any new responsibilities you face.

Together we work through the grieving process one step at a time and create a plan of action. I have the knowledge and experience to help you move forward with a positive sense of purpose while treasuring happy, precious and uplifting memories.

“Loss is Universal, Grief is Personal ~ Jill Smolowe”

A little of my story:

When I was in my mid-teens, my father passed away. For me, that time impacted my life in ways as a young person, I had not yet developed the capability or ability to understand grief and how to deal with it.

And as the years progressed, I noticed how the loss and grief affected my relationships in many areas of life. Stirring up a roller coaster of feelings like anger, resentment, sadness, feeling down, anxious and times when I became just overwhelmed from emotions.

I was an Electrician in the Construction industry for two decades, and in 2014, I finally decided to seek help. I availed of CBT therapy and coaching. Through this process, I started to understand grief is natural, and for me the first step to healing from this loss was acknowledgement.

Duration: 1h 45min

Price : €150.00

Acknowledgement or acceptance of what has happened to you is important and even though that can be easier said than done, it is an important step to take.

So as I think of these people now, who have passed from this world, I can remember the person they were the colour in their eyes, their smile, laughter, warmth and some of the knowledge and advice they shared with me.

In a special way, I continue to feel they’re present in my daily life.


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