Nature Connection & Mindfulness Consultation

Duration: 1h 45min

Price : €150.00

Online 45 minute Nature Connection & Mindfulness Consultation with Dr. Maria Hogarty, a qualitifed Natural Mindfulness Guide.

About Maria:

Maria is a Holistic Ecologist with a deep passion for sharing in a very practical way, how you can revitalise your whole being through connecting with nature. She is the founder of Bodhi Balance and the creator of The Ecology of Healing, has a PhD in Environmental Science and has worked for over 10 years in the field of Ecology.

After many years of self-enquiry, she came to learn that science didn’t hold all the answers, and that nature provides a space for deeper healing. She is passionate about sacred medicine and in particular essential oils. There is a vibrant, spirited and breathing plant world all around us, enriched with patterns and frequencies. Bringing ourselves into contact with the frequencies of nature through using essential oils, creates a unique and powerful healing experience on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Maria has also studied many healing modalities including Yin Yoga, Chakra Evolution Yoga, Massage, and Natural Mindfulness amongst many others. Her Mantra ‘Breathe – Heal – Restore’ refers to the various practices she offers that invite you slow down (the ancient art of stillness), as well as helping you to breathe, heal and restore your inner balance and trust in your innate wisdoms.


Once booked, Maria shall be in touch to organise the best time/date and online platform for your consultation.  Thank you.


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