‘White Flame’ Transmission with Yvonne & Saffron

Yvonne Skelly & Saffron Satara are joining forces to bring you an intuitively led online collaboration blending their skills and channelling abilities to create a powerful transmission during the potent portal of the upcoming winter solstice energies this December.
This transmission holds the vision to assist you in anchoring your highest potential and soul essence for these times. They shall be working with Galactic Dragons and Star Counsels to invoke the White Flame and Divine Mother templates to assist in birthing in a shift in consciousness with this new frequency, as feminine and masculine come into balance & unity.
We are in unprecedented times, a time of staying aligned, sovereign and true to our soul’s calling. No more playing small, Folks. We are the creators. The time is now! Let’s do this!
Saffron is the Facilitator of the Goddess Codes, Intuitive Oracle & Channel & Rebirther.
Yvonne is an Intuitive Energy & Sound Healer and Facilitator of Healing Circles and Workshops.


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