• Yvonne Skelly & Saffron Satara are joining forces to bring you an intuitively led online collaboration blending their skills and channelling abilities to create a powerful transmission during the potent portal of the upcoming winter solstice energies this December.
    This transmission holds the vision to assist you in anchoring your highest potential and soul essence for these times. They shall be working with Galactic Dragons and Star Counsels to invoke the White Flame and Divine Mother templates to assist in birthing in a shift in consciousness with this new frequency, as feminine and masculine come into balance & unity.
    We are in unprecedented times, a time of staying aligned, sovereign and true to our soul's calling. No more playing small, Folks. We are the creators. The time is now! Let's do this!
    Saffron is the Facilitator of the Goddess Codes, Intuitive Oracle & Channel & Rebirther.
    Yvonne is an Intuitive Energy & Sound Healer and Facilitator of Healing Circles and Workshops.
  • Join us for our fortnightly Gong Bath experience, the next date is Thursday 9th June.   Hosted in the Studio of The Avon for Lake Shore Wellness Centre 7.00pm. Allow yourself experience deep relaxation & healing immersed in sound & gong tones. Facilitated by Yvonne & Darren.
  • Are you struggling to cope with the ending of your relationship or the death of a loved one? There are no rules to grieving. Dealing with a relationship ending and death – whether sudden, through disease or the natural progression of life – is a reality most of us feel unprepared to cope with. Whether or not we admit it, we need help to get through it. When you’re mourning loss, have been diagnosed with terminal illness, or are a partner/relative attempting to come to terms with this, you go through a deeply personal range of conflicting emotions. My bereavement coaching deals directly with your individual needs, whatever they are. How does bereavement coaching work? Bereavement coaching means working together to continue the process of healing and growth. Whether you have spent some time in therapy or not, then coaching can be complementary to the support you’ve already received. This type of coaching is described as helping you with life beyond loss. I generally support clients through this period, helping you deal with grief, and afterwards as you create a new life. Working 1-to-1 I use my own experiences to help you work through painful feelings of loss, abandonment and sadness. The initial emotional support and understanding of relatives and friends may soon be exhausted, but I can be with you for as long as you need me. Helping you look to the future Coaching empowers you to look to the future rather than just focusing on the past. It allows you to focus on the process of dealing with death and any new responsibilities you face. Together we work through the grieving process one step at a time and create a plan of action. I have the knowledge and experience to help you move forward with a positive sense of purpose while treasuring happy, precious and uplifting memories. “Loss is Universal, Grief is Personal ~ Jill Smolowe” A little of my story: When I was in my mid-teens, my father passed away. For me, that time impacted my life in ways as a young person, I had not yet developed the capability or ability to understand grief and how to deal with it. And as the years progressed, I noticed how the loss and grief affected my relationships in many areas of life. Stirring up a roller coaster of feelings like anger, resentment, sadness, feeling down, anxious and times when I became just overwhelmed from emotions. I was an Electrician in the Construction industry for two decades, and in 2014, I finally decided to seek help. I availed of CBT therapy and coaching. Through this process, I started to understand grief is natural, and for me the first step to healing from this loss was acknowledgement. Duration: 1h 45min Price : €150.00 Acknowledgement or acceptance of what has happened to you is important and even though that can be easier said than done, it is an important step to take. So as I think of these people now, who have passed from this world, I can remember the person they were the colour in their eyes, their smile, laughter, warmth and some of the knowledge and advice they shared with me. In a special way, I continue to feel they’re present in my daily life.
  • Bio-Energy Healing

    Single Session Duration: 1h Price : €40.00 Three Session Bundle (minimum recommendation of sessions with Bio-Energy) Duration: 1h 45min Price : €150.00 Distance Bio-Energy Healing Sessions are now available online with Eileen Carr Bio-Energy healing is based on an ancient eastern form of healing which taps into the body’s energy system, known as the chakra system. Bio-Energy aims to restore flow and balance to the energy system allowing the body to better heal itself.  The client my feel hot and cold or tingling sensations and usually a general sense of relaxation. Bio-Energy is best as a course of treatments consisting of one treatment a week for three weeks and a follow up treatment a month later. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BIO-ENERGY THERAPY?
    • Restores the natural flow of energy within the body to allow self healing leaving you feeling grounded & lighter
    • Relieves stress and tension
    • Improves concentration, clarity and focus
    • Clears blocked emotions
    • Helps to bring a profound sense of well-being and balance
    • Gives you the ability to cope with every day stresses in a better way
    • Better sleep and relaxation
    • Increases energy levels
    • Speeds recovery from injury
      Once booked, we shall be in touch to arrange your sessions at times that work best for you.  Thank you.
  • Duration:45min Price : €50.00 45 minute counselling & psychotherapy session with Stephanie. Stephanie specialises in baby loss & bereavement. (online & In person sessions available / some low cost options are also available, for more info please call Yvonne 087 0528192)
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    Join Yvonne & special guest Sinead for a crystal bowl and gong bath healing experience, hosted in the Studio of The Avon as part of Lake Shore Wellness Centre's ongoing Thursday night series from 7pm-8.30pm.
  • Duration: 1h Price : €80.00 EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or Tapping as it is sometimes known,  is a pioneering healing technique.  It has profound healing effects for chronic anxiety issues and phobias. Ann states: “Time and time again, when working with people who come to me, I have seen the gentle yet profound way that stress,anxiety,fears and phobias, physical pain and thoughts and beliefs that limit us are released”. 
  • Gift Vouchers

    Choose your preferred amount.  Our Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against any online or in person offerings from our three wellness spaces - Naas Holistic Centre, Lake Shore Wellness Centre (Blessington) or The Salt Cave, Naas.
  • Duration: 1h 15min Price : €525.00 The Grief Recovery Method® (G.R.M), with Grief Recovery Specialist Seamus Walsh, is a 7 Week Program where you will learn a unique approach that will give you the steps to recover from the grief you are currently enduring because of your loss. With the Grief Recovery Method, you really can discover for yourself how to heal from loss and complete the unfinished business linked to the death of a loved one or less than a loved one. This program is the only grief support programme with an evidence-base scientifically proven to help you move through and beyond the pain of grief and exceeds a “best practice” or “promising approach” in dealing with emotional pain. Meaning there is high confidence that when you follow the 7 Week Program, you can once again feel comfortable and confident in yourself. Talk openly and share memories or stories without fear of fighting back your words or emotions and find positive differences in life personally and professionally. Before you fully start the program, you will receive a free 30-minute consultation which we can do by phone, in person or online via Zoom. Initial Free Consultation • In this consultation, we will chat a little about “What Happened?” • Establish if there is anything you wish had been different, better or more. • Explain the concept of unresolved grief almost always being about undelivered communications of an emotional nature. • Explain how the Grief Recovery Method addresses this in a structured way. The program is a series of seven sessions. Each session adds to the previous one and will take approx; 60-minutes. Between each session, there will be some “Heartwork” for you to do.   In essence, the 7 Week Program brings you from Discovery to Recovery in an intimate natural way giving you the ability to heal from heartbreak. What would I like my clients to want for themselves? “I want to show you how to reconcile your grief in a way that will allow you to let go of the pain of loss naturally and to move forward into a fulfilling, healthy and gratifying future embracing life as you do so.” You can avail the 7 Week Grief Recovery Program one to one online via Zoom (in person sessions are also available the Naas Holistic Centre in you prefer). Séamus Walsh is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Mind Coach and a member of The International Association of Mind Coaches (IAMC). Séamus is passionate about helping you recover from your grief because he also has experienced the anguish of suffering caused by losses in his own life. And, through the Grief Recovery Method, he discovered a way to move forward with peace and embrace life once again. A little of my story: “In 1994, when I was in my mid-teens, my father was diagnosed with cancer and a few months later passed away. For my family and me, that was a tough time. That time impacted my life in ways as a young person; I had not yet developed the capability to learn how to understand grief and deal with loss. Unfortunately, my Dad’s death was one of my family’s five losses before I reached my late twenties. And as the years progressed, I noticed how the loss and grief affected my relationships in many areas of life, stirring up a roller-coaster of feelings like anger, resentment, sadness, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, anxiety, and times when I became overwhelmed to the point where I struggled to know what to do.” It took a number of years of training and many therapies before I finally stumbled on the Grief Recovery Method and a way for me to fully deal with my grief. “We’re taught how to how to acquire things, not what to do when we lose them.” ~ John W. James
  • Join Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher & Quantum Energy Coach Paddy Halligan for an 8 week block of Guided Meditation Classes commencing Jan 5th every Wednesday 7.30pm in the Eriú Room of Lake Shore Wellness Centre.
  • As a Special Offer for our Self Love February, made with quality natural ingredients, this Rose Body Care set is the ultimate indulgence of self care and nurture! It contains shower gel, whipped body scrub, body lotion and lip balm. Also makes a beautiful gift for a loved one for Valentine's Day.  Free Shipping nationwide.
  • Join Yvonne Skelly for a healing circle, in person, at our Lake Shore Wellness Centre, Blessington on Tuesday 17th Oct 8-9pm.

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