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    Have you ever woken up and thought 'Is this really all there is to life? Maybe you feel like it's groundhog day & you're just going through the motions, but feel like you're not really living?

    I yes, then I would like to invite you to spend 2 hours with me (1 February 2022 6-8pm) of planting the seeds for your dreaming and visioning a life YOU don't need a vacation from. If you're ready to start creating your life on your own terms, then I hope you join me for this session. I can promise you it's only the beginning.
  • Duration: 1h  Price : €45.00 Online 60 minute Wellness Consultation with Essential Oils with Dr. Maria Hogarty (B.A., PhD Essential Oils provide You with a plant-based solution to care for YOUR health and well-being, naturally! Together during our private one-one session we will explore WHY and HOW essential oils can support your specific wellness goals. When lifestyle is focus, your goals can be naturally achieved and easily maintained. With this in mind, we will also deep dive into how essential oils can support your lifestyle (exercise, nutrient, stress, sleep, toxic load) to support the achievement of your specific health and wellness goal(s). You’ll leave your private session armed with specific information and a tailor wellness plan to inspire you on your oily journey! You will also have access to online resources and a private community group of other like-minded individuals to help keep you on track and motivated. You will also be shown how you can get the oils yourself at the best most affordable price for you so that you can right away empower yourself and your family with natural healthcare. Imagine supporting your immune system • aiding relaxation • improving sleep quality • supporting stress relief • achieving toxin free cleaning • easing digestive complaints • improving respiratory support • easing muscular and joint pain • managing mood • AND so much more in a simple, safe and easy way? What is VITAL for you? Your health is your wealth, right? You know what matters to you. Feeling Energised. Calm. Focused. These are things that matter to you How do I know? Because they matter to me too. About Maria Maria is a Holistic Ecologist with a deep passion for sharing in a very practical way, how you can revitalise your whole being through connecting with nature. She is the founder of Bodhi Balance and the creator of The Ecology of Healing, has a PhD in Environmental Science and has worked for over 10 years in the field of Ecology. After many years of self-enquiry, she came to learn that science didn’t hold all the answers, and that nature provides a space for deeper healing. She is passionate about sacred medicine and in particular essential oils. There is a vibrant, spirited and breathing plant world all around us, enriched with patterns and frequencies. Bringing ourselves into contact with the frequencies of nature through using essential oils, creates a unique and powerful healing experience on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Maria has also studied many healing modalities including Yin Yoga, Chakra Evolution Yoga, Massage, and Natural Mindfulness amongst many others. Her Mantra ‘Breathe – Heal – Restore’ refers to the various practices she offers that invite you slow down (the ancient art of stillness), as well as helping you to breathe, heal and restore your inner balance and trust in your innate wisdoms.   Once booked, Maria shall be in touch to organise the best time/date and online platform for your consultation.  Thank you.
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    Join us for a very unique Winter Solstice Experience this December. We kick off at 2.30pm with a Sound & Gong Bath hosted by Yvonne & Darren, in the lovely studio space of The Avon.  We shall be harnessing the energies of the Winter Solstice to vision in our highest potential during this sound healing experience. Afterwards we shall indulge our senses and bring our relaxation experience to the max with full private use of Rise Nordic Spa in time for the solstice sunset, featuring outdoor hot tubs, a nordic sauna and cold plunge pool, with a backdrop of magnificent views of Blessington Lakes and an epic, uplifting playlist! Please bring a mat, blanket & pillow for maximum comfort during the sound bath, and some swim gear & a towel for your spa experience!

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