Available Services

60mins – €60

​Sound Bowl Healing Session
60mins – €60

​IET Therapy Session
60mins – €60

​Reiki, Sound Bowl Healing & IET Consultation
90 mins – €90
Trio Package (over 3 weeks) – €180

​Reiki Courses
(Levels 1,2 &3)
Upcoming dates and pricing to be announced.

Margaret Beatty


Margaret Is a Reiki Master and teacher, IET Therapist and Tibetan Sound Bowl Healing Therapist.

Reiki is a complimentary therapy that enhances the natural healing of the body by channelling electromagnetic energy (Chi energy) from the hands of the therapist to the client Margaret’s high energy can help release blocked energy that will help to ease stress, anxiety, grief, pain, give clarity to help with decision making, induces a more relaxed state and sleep issues,

As a Tibetan sound bowl therapist, Margaret uses sound bowl therapy to help to eliminate toxins from the body, remove energy blockages in the body, clean the aura, help with metabolism, heartbeat, regulating the chakra system to restore balance in the body and the connecting organs, give clarity to help with decision making, blood circulating improvement, stimulate the immune system and give an overhaul to the entire internal system.

IET therapy is an Integrated Energy Therapy that works with Angel Ariel and works with the cellular memory. It used touch on trigger points around the body to release stored emotional energy. Every experience in life leaves an imprint on the body so with IET we can release stored energy from our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. It is a beautiful calm, restorative energy release.

These 3 healing modalities working together in the course of 3 weeks, will balance and cleanse the whole system. Reiki for the clearing and balancing chakras and organs, Tibetan Sound Bowl Healing for the cells and organs and IET for the cellular memory. Margaret is also an NLP practitioner and uses NLP to further enhance the mind, body, soul experience.

  • Reiki, Sound Bowl Healing and IET consultation 90 min €90
  • Reiki 60 min €60
  • Sound Bowl Healing 60 mins €60
  • IET therapy 60 mins €60
  • Package of three therapies with consultation, in three consecutive weeks €180.

Margaret also runs Reiki level I, II, and III, Training Courses.