Integrated Energy Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is a powerful and very effective healing treatment which re-connects the mind, body and soul in order to restore our natural equilibrium that sustains life, health and happiness. On our journey we encounter many life experiences such as loss of loved ones , losing jobs, deep despair, confusion, depression, anger, physical pain and illness, addiction, abuse those stuck places” that take a hold on our mental, emotional , physical and spiritual freedom. IET is the key to freedom on all levels.

The human form is more than a body, with a life force within, internalising our thoughts, emotions and health, we are surrounded with an energy field, known as our aura a very powerful and important external energy source which surrounds the body and our own personal space. Invisible though it is, it has a very real presence and it drives the internal energy source within to ensure life. Both systems matter equally and both are “handled” in this beautiful “laying on of the hands” techniques developed by Stevan J Thayer.


To put it simply, it is very beneficial for all discomfort within the mind and body.

The A-Z of disease…..and unease. Choose what you category you come under.

It has been known to release all fear around illness and mental health and replace vibrant health and peace of mind. It is a complimentary holistic therapy that can be used alone or in combination with other holistic and traditional medical approaches. Each person is encouraged to be responsible in their use and choice of professional healing assistance as needed to suit their medical condition.

It brings about a new understanding of our lives and our very existence and the chance for change and a “New Beginning”.



In a calm room filled with the fragrance of love and light, soothing music, resting and cocooned in a warm blanket the therapist connects into, calls upon and utilises the universal divine energy. The same energy that makes our eyes shine. This energy is channelled with the assistance from the wonderful loving Angelic Realm, the true source “Love from above” it surrounds you during the treatment from all sides and holds you in a deep stillness and serenity to help you re-connect to your true self, which restores, repairs and revitalises your mind, body and soul and miraculously releases you from what is holding onto you for good!

It can be a very spiritual experience for some people who feel the release acutely, whilst another can experience a “healing without feeling”. Either way no matter what your experience, there is no question once you ask for the healing, you receive it!

There is no time like the present to be open to this wonderful technique and no present like time so I invite you to allow yourself the gift of time to move through your past and pain into a loving empowered state now and allow your full future potential to unfold.

“Earth has no sorrow, which heaven cannot heal”

My promise to you is what IET has given me, as the giver I receive and as the receiver you are given! Given what exactly… the Power of Love and the Power to Love….. What more can we ask for!! As from love all things grow and show themselves in our world, what we reap, loving lives, abundant lives, we want for nothing, we live and breathe at peace till we take our last breath.