Kinesiology is a successfully accurate therapy that can check the response from your body to find the reasons why it is unwell and also the precise steps towards resolving it. This is especially helpful if you wish to know what exactly you need for recovery, or if you do not even know what is wrong (others have struggled to diagnose you).

​Your body knows best why it is unwell: due to wrong foods, stressful thoughts, emotional traumas from the past or physical injuries. It also knows what it needs to restore its wellbeing. And so, the appropriate treatments are applied to restore the balance within the body, so it can heal itself successfully and in the most efficient way.

Instead of treating symptoms, kinesiology addresses the ROOT CAUSE of your being out of balance, treating a person truly holistically: nutritionally, mentally, emotionally, physically and energetical


Kinesiology can help with an array of health issues:

  • Digestive issues, IBS, Candidiasis.
  • Emotional Distress, Anxiety, Traumas, Phobias and Sadness.
  • Low Energy.
  • Sleeping Problems.
  • Hormonal problems: Endometriosis, PMS, Menopause.
  • Low Immunity & Infections (bacteria, viruses, parasites).
  • Back pain, neck pain, old and new injuries, joint pains, fibromialgia.
  • Heavy Metals and other types of Toxicity.
  • Something is wrong – and nobody seems to figure out what exactly.
  • Lack of interest or drive in life, apathy.

After the initial verbal consultation, the testing is done immediately and the corrections are applied straight away, once we balance various systems around your body – you will notice changes very quickly. It is common for even one kinesiology session to have a deep effect on the state of your well being!


“I used to be suffering from colds, runny nose, headaches and low energy for several years. It is now two years on and upon taking Kamilla’s advice and using natural remedies and supplements that she recommended my immune system is at its strongest, I have not been sick or had flu’s or colds in two years since I have visited her. For anyone with any problem or issue please put your trust in this lady, please pay her a visit you won’t look back! Thanks again for all your help and support Kamilla.”
L, Dublin, Ireland.​

“I was feeling quite off due to anxiety and panic attacks. Kamilla made me feel incredibly comfortable and safe and during the session and after the session I felt amazing – both inside and out. I would definitely recommend trying a session with Kamilla – your body and mind will thank you!”
Amanda Bishop, Auckland, New Zealand.

​”I had suffered for years with my problems and within a few weeks I noticed a huge relief in my pains. Now I pretty much stick to the healthier diet prescribed and I’ve never looked back. I would highly recommend Kamilla!”
David Rogers, manager, Dublin 5, Ireland