Nutritional Therapy

Health is about you, as a complete person, embracing all your dimensions: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Each aspect affects or influences the others. Our therapists will support your wellbeing by working with you to create a personalised health plan to suit your individual requirements using a functional medicine approach.


Symptoms of sub-optimal health often manifest in the digestive system. Inefficient gut health and an unbalanced diet can lead to a variety of symptoms such as skin issues, pain and inflammation, digestive issues and mood disorders. These symptoms can be further increased by lifestyle choices, stress and genetics.

Using a functional medicine approach produces a ‘complete picture’ rather than focussing on a particular symptom. This enables us to address the health concerns from several perspectives to suit the client. We know that a healthy balanced diet, including nutrient dense, fresh, unprocessed food is essential for good health. However, if we experience problems with digestion and absorption, have other health problems or we are stressed, this will affect how the body utilizes the food we eat.

Small changes can often make a big difference to how we feel and these are discussed with the client in a caring and relaxed non-judgemental environment.

A food diary analysis is provided to give additional information about macro and micro nutrient intake and possible deficiencies. Functional testing is also available if required. Testing can investigate how well food is being absorbed, if there is an imbalance of gut flora and the effect that prolonged stress may be having on the body. This may help to design a health plan to support your requirements.