PSYCH-K® is a unique and direct way to identify and change these subconscious beliefs that perpetuate old habits of thinking and behaving. If your life feels like a car being driven with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake, chances are you have a conflict between your conscious goals and your subconscious beliefs. This kind of conflict can show up in your relationships, job performance, self-esteem, athletics, weight loss, prosperity, even your physical health. PSYCH-K® is a simple process that helps you communicate with your subconscious mind so you can change the beliefs that limit you in all these areas.

​Evolving from years of split-brain research and hundreds of sessions with individuals and groups, PSYCH-K® creates a receptive state of mind that dramatically reduces resistance to change in the subconscious. Indeed, a PSYCH-K® Balance is a process designed to create balanced communication with both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. This “whole-brain” state is ideal for reprogramming the subconscious mind with new self-enhancing beliefs that support your goals rather than defeat them. In addition, when right and left hemispheres of the brain are in simultaneous communication, the qualities and characteristics of both hemispheres are available to maximize your full response potential to life’s challenges.

​The Psychology & Spirituality of Personal Change: HEALTH, WEALTH & EVERYTHING ELSE!
“If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

​Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. Research shows that around 95% of our consciousness is held at the subconscious level of mind – in our daily life we drive, walk and respond in ways that are determined by who we believe we are and what we believe about the world and others. These beliefs are a result of life-long programming. Many of the beliefs we hold are limiting, rather than enhancing to our lives.

​Subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve.

PSYCH-K® is an effective set of processes designed to change these subconscious beliefs that are no longer worthy of who you are, or who you are becoming.


  • Develop a conscious role in creating your life experience
  • Reclaim your self esteem
  • Rediscover your spiritual power and connection
  • Activate your wisdom as a habit instead of an effort
  • Let go of a painful past and embrace a joyful future
  • Experience abundance in every aspect of life
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Enhance career opportunities
  • Develop relationships you desire and deserve
  • Increase your sense of well being
  • Actualize the amazing healing power of the mind
  • Increase sports performance
  • Release post-traumatic stress
  • Re-perceive fears and phobias to feel at peace
  • Eliminate destructive habits (e.g. smoking, overeating, etc.)
  • Accelerate spiritual developmentment


A PSYCH-K® session is done with you, not on you. First you will discuss with your facilitator what changes you would like to see in your life, the goals you would like to achieve. Then communication is established with your subconscious mind, thanks to muscle testing. Through this medium you will discover which beliefs you are holding at a subconscious level. When a change is necessary, we are asking for your mind’s wisdom, permission, and for the type of Balance that your body is most ready for. After proceeding with the balance, we check again that the change has occurred. So you can consciously witness the changes that took place in your subconscious.

​Origins of PSYCH-K®
Robert M. Williams, M.A. is the originator of PSYCH-K®. For thirteen years Rob was a practicing psychotherapist. PSYCH-K® came in 1988 as a response to the frustration he felt realizing that traditional counselling techniques, relying mostly on “insight”, seldom created real and lasting change. His background in business and psychotherapy created a results oriented approach to personal change.

​PSYCH-K® is personally recommended by world renowned cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his book “The Biology of Belief”.