Everything is sound or frequency in the Universe, including you. Sound can be used to experience deep levels of healing by tuning your body back to its natural Life frequency, to your true healthy rhythm.

Kamilla use both sound tools and her voice for healing.

Sacred Healing Toning is something that naturally happens through Kamilla, the sounds come in differently for each person and bring great comfort, healing and, often, reconnection to Greater Self and to the Universe. This gift appeared quite spontaneously for Kamilla, and as at the time she did not have much knowledge about it, she spent a year studying the history of sound healing, mantras’ healing effects and completed a course in the SomaEnergetic sound therapy techniques.


  • Accelerates the removal of stuck and unhealed energies in and around the body
  • Brings energy, blood and lymph systems into more coherence
  • Repairs and reconnects ‘vital energy lines’ that have been broken in the body (meridians)
  • Activates dormant cell memories of wholeness or belonging
  • Can, sometimes, give access to deeper Soul memories of other lives to heal an older trauma
  • Allows the person to be more energy-sensitive and more aware of the body as an energy system
  • Empowers the person to feel where emotions/thoughts have caused an energy block in the physical body
  • Clears all energy centres (chakras)
  • Activates Soul awareness of personal Gifts and Power
  • Clears ancestral DNA issues
  • Always brings about very deep healing and peacefulness at the end of the process


SomaEnergetics™ Therapy uses tuning forks that are precisely tuned to Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies and other.
Bringing two different sounds together & making them one, can make you feel unified, at peace, re-ignite the life power deep inside you. When you tap the tuning forks, you awaken the life energy of your cells.

SomaEnergetics Sound Therapy has been found to have the following benefits (for all ages including babies):

  • Provides instantaneous deep relaxation and relieves long-term stress.
  • Increases physical energy levels. Promotes healing on a cellular level.
  • Charges Immunity, helps repair all organs.
  • Brings your nervous system into balance.
  • Improves Brain function, Left-Right brain integration.
  • Great for aches, pains, post-operation and sprains.
  • Relieves emotional, mental, physical traumas.

Sound Healing is beneficial for everybody: from stressed and anxious students, busy managers & office workers, pregnant mommies, restless toddlers and the elderly.

Kamilla Harra is a fully-certified Soma Energetics Therapist since 2011, and has also been using channeled toning as a very powerful tool to heal emotional/body traumas and to bring soul healing to people in any form of distress.